Bridge of Allan Golf Club


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"If you have not played the opening hole at Bridge of Allan, near Stirling, then take it from us, you have not lived as a true Scottish golfer."


Bunkered magazine, issue number 99





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Help with Course Maintenance:


We are hoping to get some help during the Close Season with some tasks on the course.


Initially, we would like to hear from any members who are fit, able and willing to remove leaves from the course.


This involves using a Back-pack Blower, raking and shovelling to remove the massive amount of leaves which affect the course during the Autumn.


This task will probably be needed from early October and can last for a couple of months.


Also, there is an area of rough and small whins just over the wall at the 7th. hole which the Ladies would like cut back.


If there are any members who might be capable of cutting down and removing 4 fairly large Birch trees from the hollow to the right of the 7th. we would be happy to hear from them. 

With this job, cutting the trees down is the easy part. Disposing of the timber and cutting the stump to below turf level is the difficult part. 


If you are able to help please contact Scott Macfarlane or Graeme Bowden.




Phil Wallom













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